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Pool Management:
Risk Pool Management Associates:
Ronald Wickham

Texas Health Insurance Pool
c/o Texas Department of Insurance Pool
133 Guadalupe, Mail Code-1E
Austin, TX 87801

Phone: (512) 441-7665 or (512) 963-4990
E-mail: [email protected]

Medical Claims & Customer Service:

Third Party Administrator for the
Pool is:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas

Texas Health Insurance  Pool
P. O. Box 6089
Abilene, TX 79609-6077

Phone: (888) 399-3955
Fax:  (325) 796-4178
TDD: (800) 736-2879
Email: [email protected]

Texas Department of Insurance Contact

Consumer Protection:
Contact for the Pool is:
Kenneth Martin
Director, Regulatory Initiatives

Texas Dept. of Insurance
PO BOX 149104
Austin, TX 78714