Insurance Company Information

Table of Contents:

  I. HB2064 Prompt Pay Program: Instructions & Monthly Reporting Forms

II.  Annual Assessment: Instructions, FAQ’s, & Assessment Reporting Forms


I. HB2064 PROMPT PAY PENALTY PROGRAM IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Effective immediately, HMOs and Insurers are to file their monthly reports and send the Pool’s share of prompt pay penalties to the Texas Department of Insurance.  See this Important Notice for details.  The new TDI monthly reporting form is available at:

Click on the following links for more information:

  • Text of HB 2064 (81st)
  • Text of  Sec. 843.342 TIC
  • Text of Sec. 1301.137 TIC

II. pool assessment linkS:

At this time (December 2015), it is not anticipated that the Pool, now in dissolution, will need to process any additional assessment collections.  If that changes, Insurers & HMOs will be notified and provided with updated assessment reporting forms.

  • Updated Answers to Assessment FAQ’s
  • Text of TIC Chapter 1506


The Pool Required Notice of Availability Forms—provided by carriers to COBRA recipients, declined applicants, and applicants approved with a medical rider–are to be discontinued after 12/31/2013.  The following laws are repealed effective 1/1/2014:  TIC 1506.007 (a-1)(a-2); TIC 1251.255; and TIC 1271.305.

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